Wednesday, September 20, 2006

E-series Raves & A Good Review of the E-series Software

Having used the Nokia E70 for a while I've really fallen for this form factor and package of features combining a 'normal phone' with:
* (rigid!) full-sized querty keyboard,
* excellent screen,
* good camera (2Mpix, minimum for photo-scanning letter-sized documents),
* good music player is an excellent base.
Not to mention
* 3G, Wifi (and bluetooth and infrared, too), VoIP, and GPS capability,
* hot-swappable memory card (support for 2GB cards),
* email client (with POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP),
and last but not least
* excellent package of business software which include
- numerous synchronizing solutions (Blackberry, ActiveSync, SyncML, etc) and
- Office document viewing and editing tools, too.

Of the last mentioned, the E-series email and synchronization solutions & Office documents viewing and editing features that interest the business users has just published an excellent review of features.

The conlusion of the review:
"... not so long ago large corporations and medium-scale business had been considered to be Window Mobile’s and RIM’s domains, with the advent of Eseries the balance of forced significantly changed, to say the least. Even though the real confrontation is yet to emerge, Eseries smartphones already have what it takes to hold an upper hand there – VoIP, powerful set of office tools and customizable mail client."

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