Friday, September 22, 2006

Blogger Beta ROCKS! - includes category support

I gotta say just briefly that the Blogger Beta has finally made up my mind about my preferred blogging platform. The little thing that made me make up my mind (for now) was the introduction of categories or tags - or Lables, as Google calls them. And the other things are that it's free, convenient (the new layout tools are very nice), supports email posting, to mention a few.

The only nuissance comes to my mind after playing around with it for a while is that you can't batch edit the categories. That will hopefully be fixed in the future.

A related note for those who haven't found a good feed reader (for blogs and all aggregated stuff): I warmly recommend Google Reader.

EDIT: Google Reader just launhced a new UI. Among other things the sharing feature seems to have developed very nicely. Very nice.

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